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Why to Buy a Ductless Mini-Split 

Whether you’re looking for better ways to heat and to cool your home or you’re constructing an addition to your home, ductless mini-splits are reinventing home comfort. They don’t require a central unit, eliminating bulky and expensive HVAC components. Plus, they offer the perfect temperature year-round. If you’re searching for an efficient method to give your home the feel you’ve always wanted, here are some reasons to consider ductless mini-splits.

Air Conditioner

On-Demond Control
One of the top benefits of purchasing a ductless mini-split is that it allows you to have precision control over your home temperature. They have thermostats that allow you to set the temperature, yet the biggest advantage lies in their zonal control. Unlike central HVAC units, you can turn the mini-split off in rooms you aren’t occupying, while having them on in your bedroom, living room, or another place. This ends up saving you tons of money and reducing your energy costs.

Cutting Energy Bills
Zonal control helps to cut energy bills, but ductless mini-splits do it in more ways than one. Because each unit has smaller mechanical components and no air ducts, it uses less power than traditional air conditioning and heating units. You also don’t have to change the thermostat constantly, which is another way that central air expends more energy. This translates to less energy usage and lower bills throughout the year.

Flexible Temperature Control

Ductless mini-splits allow you to have various temperature settings in multiple zones. For example, you can have cooler comfort temperature for kids and higher for elderly.

Saving Space
If you have limited space in your home to begin with, installing a central HVAC system takes away even more room. Bulky furnaces and air conditioners can also take up areas that you could use for other purposes such as storage, or a reading nook. Ductless mini-splits only require an outdoor portion, and the indoor components are easily mounted on the wall. Plus, you can pick colors or paint them to match your interior decor.

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