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A/C & Heater Repair

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the HVAC industry, and they have dealt with all the standard and complex problems related to the industry. They can perform all the services of AC and furnace repair in San Diego.

System Installation

Contact us to have a free estimate on any HVAC system installation or modification. Let One Stop Comfort Center provide you the reliable AC & Heating systems.

System Maintenance

Our HVAC technicians perform routine checkups and minor repairs for your system to ensure that your device is up and running at all times. We also deliver services for your heat pump repair in San Diego

Mini Split Heat Pump

In San Diego, heat pumps make the best option for home comfort. The warm climate is ideal for this type of cooling and heating system, and with a heat pump, you only need one system to do both cooling and heating. 

Wine Cellar Cooling 

Our skilled experts are HVAC savvies and can assist residents in San Diego, and surrounding areas to get quality and efficient AC solutions.

Whole House Ventilation

The use of whole house fans was a popular means to enhancing natural ventilation to achieve greater comfort in hot climates and reduce your AC operation time. We're QuietCool authorized installer.

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